Felix Alonso serves as President of the Board of Directors for The 52 Million Project. He currently works for The Ohio State University as Director of Student Philanthropy in The Office of Student Life. Felix notably serves as the advisor to a student-run organization called BuckeyeThon, which has raised over $9 million for pediatric cancer research under his leadership.

Angie Theaker serves as Vice President of the Board of Directors for The 52 Million Project. She currently works as Associate Director of Project Management for The Ohio State University's Advancement IT team. Angie has significant knowledge in fundraising systems, organizations, and project management as The Ohio State University's systems see over $600MM in donations annually.

Zawwar Khan serves as Treasurer for the Board of Directors of The 52 Million Project. Zawwar currently works as a Marketing Innovation Analyst for PepsiCo in Texas. During his time in college, he created an organization called Design for 90 which gives engineering students the opportunity to use their skills to create solutions for the underprivileged around the globe.

Abby Rieger serves as Secretary for the Board of Directors of The 52 Million Project. She currently works as a Development Coordinator for Flying Horse Farms, a SeriousFun camp which provides healing and transformative experiences for kids with serious illnesses and their families. Abby spent much of her time in college serving in the leadership of BuckeyeThon, contributing to the fundraising of over $5.6MM over four years for pediatric cancer research.

Amy Wittmann serves as a Board Member for the Board of Directors of The 52 Million Project. Amy spends much of her time giving back to her alma mater, The Ohio State University, to enhance the student experience. She was most recently given an award by Ohio State's Alumni Association for going above and beyond to enhance the student experience.

Jeff Wittmann serves as a Board Member for the Board of Directors of The 52 Million Project. Jeff serves as a Principal of The Wittmann Company, a Columbus-based real estate redevelopment company. In his spare time, he works to enhance the student experience at The Ohio State University by supporting organizations that provide world-class leadership development.

Nafis Azad serves as a Board Member for the Board of Directors of The 52 Million Project. Nafis is best known for his various entrepreneurial ventures, namely as a General Partner of Waker, a UX and software development firm. He is also a Co-Founder of Lucky Mobility and Studium and the former CEO of Ghost Lab.

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Imran Nuri is the Founder and CEO of The 52 Million Project. His story for why he felt compelled to start The 52 Million Project can be found on the About page of this site. Imran's currently finishing his degree at The Ohio State University in Marketing with a minor in Design Thinking. He notably served as President of BuckeyeThon from 2018-2019, overseeing a record-breaking year of over 30,000 donors, over 5,000 participants, and over $1.7MM raised for pediatric cancer research.

Nick Stewart serves as the Vice President of Design for The 52 Million Project. He currently works full time for WD Partners as a Graphic Designer. Nick has an accomplished portfolio of work ranging back to his teen years. You can thank Nick for the beautiful design and cohesive branding that you see on this website and elsewhere!



To teach people that anybody can be a philanthropist, even if it's donating just one dollar a week.


To engage one million people in our movement, collectively donating $52 million annually to critical areas of need around the globe.

It all started with a jar

When the Founder of The 52 Million Project was a kid, his parents worked multiple jobs just to provide for their family. Because of this, he often heard the words, "We just can't afford that this month." Despite struggling financially, his parents did something peculiar. They kept an empty Jif® Peanut Butter jar above the fridge and at the end of every week, they brought the jar down, handed Imran a dollar, and had him put it in the jar for donating at the end of the month. They would say, "I know this might not make sense because we can't even afford everything we need, but there are people who need this money more than we do. It's our duty to help them however we can." That's how his parents demonstrated philanthropy for him: it's not always about giving millions or billions of dollars;
philanthropy is giving what you can, even if it's as simple as donating one dollar a week.

Members of Staff

Board of directors

100% of every single dollar is donated

Thanks to our incredible partners who cover our overhead expenses, every single dollar you donate truly goes to our three areas of impact.