One Million People. One Dollar a Week.

Imagine the difference we could make if just 0.3% of the US population, 1 million people, donated 1 dollar every week to some of the most urgent areas of need around the globe.
That's $52 million donated every year, and that's what we are going to do.

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Coming soon!

We are working very hard to fully develop the details of our operation, securing 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, and planning a launch campaign so that as many people can contribute as possible! We plan to have three high-impact areas of giving which donors can choose from for their dollars to go to. From those three areas, pools of money will be created for other nonprofits to apply for should their mission fall under that area. In this way, we are allowing donors to learn how to give by giving just one dollar each week and allowing effective nonprofits to carry out their missions. Sign up for email updates above if you want to be the first to hear when we announce the three areas of giving as well as our official launch date!

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